WAKE UP! You have rights because others protested and chanted for you!!

To those who don’t support the 673 Women’s Marches around the world that totaled about 4.8 million people because you unfortunately don’t think inequalities exist- regardless of the data and research, don’t worry, luckily, we live in a country that allows us to protest for you!! In reality women within the US do not have full equality. We just do not.. Regardless of what you assume,  there are inequalities, you just have the privilege of not seeing them.

Stephanie Dolce from Blogher.com wrote an article on a Facebook post by Brandi Goings Atkinson, and within her article Stephanie said:

“They call it a women’s march but it’s only for women who share the same thoughts and beliefs as they do. That means they are the women who believe, X, Y, and Z. Oh and hate Trump even though he hasn’t done anything yet. Way to be open. Way to be accepting. Way to...